Film Title                                            Country     Title      Names of Directors              Category
09:55 - 11:05, Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4B     Sweden          Director    Sophie Vukovic, Cristine Berglund     Short Films (50 mins or less)
14 Days                                                              USA                Director    Joseph Villapaz                                  Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
20 Years of Madness                                         USA                Director    Jeremy Royce                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
A Pirate's Life                                                     USA                Director    Isabella Olaguera, Nick Haaf             High School Student Films
A Wedding LIke That                                          USA               Director     Lewis Chaney, Neil Kellen                Short Films (50 mins or less)
After School Special                                           USA               Director     Troy L. Davis                                     Short Films (50 mins or less)
Alike                                                                   USA                Director     Carrie  Dutting                                   High School Student Films
Alone with People                                              USA                Director     Drew Van Steenbergen                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
Ang - A Human Trafficking Film                        USA                 Director     Kevin Wilkerson, Corey  Kenerly      Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Angelfish                                                           USA                 Director     Matt Packman                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Baja's Secret Miracle                                        USA                 Director     Eliana Alvarez Martinez                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
Ben's At Home                                                 Canada             Director      Mars Horodyski                                 Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Blue Eyed Boy                                                  Iran                   Director      Masoud Soheili                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
Completely Normal                                          USA                   Director     Robert Vornkahl                                Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Consignment                                                   USA                   Director     Justin Hannah                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Copenhagen                                                   Canada               Director     Mark Raso                                        Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Cowboy Ninjas of 2090                                   USA                   Director      Scott Lehman                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
DAD IN MUM                                                  France                Director      Fabrice Bracq                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Diamond Tongues                                          Canada               Director      Pavan Moondi, Brian Robertson       Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
DISCONNECT                                                Canada              Director       MANI NASRY                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Dissolve                                                          USA                   Director       Justin Leyba                                      College Student Films
Druid Peak                                                      USA                   Director       Marni Zelnick                                     Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Drunktown's Finest                                         USA                    Director      Sydney Freeland                               Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Eadweard                                                       Canada               Director      Kyle Rideout                                      Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
East Side Sushi                                              USA                    Director      Anthony Lucero                                 Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Effloresce                                                       USA                    Director      Kathleen Davison                               Short Films (50 mins or less)
Enemy Within                                                 USA                    Director      Jon Doss, Austin Albany                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
Escape Velocity                                             USA                     Director     James Tralie                                       High School Student Films
Feueralarm                                                    Germany             Director      Anna Linke                                         College Student Films
Finding Home                                                 USA                    Director     Derek Hammeke                                 Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Frank vs.God                                                  USA                    Director     Stewart Schill                                      Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Greenland                                                       Israel                  Director     Oren Gerner                                        College Student Films
Grown Men on Tricycles                                 USA                    Director     Doug Sharp                                        Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Haley Jane                                                      USA                   Director      Charles Schefer                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
Hanging By A Thread                                     USA                    Director      Catya Plate                                        Short Films (50 mins or less)
Hank and Asha                                               USA                    Director      James E. Duff                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
HE'LL BE GONE BY TOMORROW               Australia              Director       Ryuji Kunii                                        Short Films (50 mins or less)
Hop Skotch the Funk Dumpling                      USA                    Director       Khadif Sanders                                College Student Films
I Owe You                                                       USA                    Director       Mike McNeese                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
I'm With Phil                                                   USA                     Director      Andrew Reed                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Into The Silent Sea                                        Sweden               Director       Andrej Landin                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Jacob Stone                                                   USA                     Director      Roya Aryanpad                                Short Films (50 mins or less)
Janet: A Silent Ballet Film                              USA                     Director      Adam Stone                                     Short Films (50 mins or less)
Kateri                                                             Canada                Director       Daniel Fortin                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
Kebab & Horoscope                                      Poland                  Director      Grzegorz Jaroszuk                           Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Keep It Clean                                                USA                      Director       Matthew Rivera, Evan Sennett        High School Student Films
Last Man After the War                                 USA                      Director       Robert Cappelletto                           Short Films (50 mins or less)
Leopard Spots                                              USA                       Director      BigKat Manning                                College Student Films
Life Inside Out                                              USA                       Director      Jill D'Agnenica                                  Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Lion Ark                                                        USA                       Director      Tim Phillips                                       Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
LOVE IN THE TIME OF MARCH MADNESS       USA                       Director      Melissa Johnson, Robertino Zambrano    Short Films (50 mins or less)
Lower Broads                                               USA                       Director      Drew Langer                                     Short Films (50 mins or less)
Lust In Translation                                       USA                       Director       Benjamin Treichel                             College Student Films
MALMHAUS                                                 USA                      Director       Ragnar Bragason                              Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Meat                                                             USA                      Director         Michael Forstein                              Short Films (50 mins or less)
Mein blindes Herz                                        Austria                   Director       Peter Brunner                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Melon Head                                                 USA                       Director       Andy Fortenbacher                            Short Films (50 mins or less)
Mike'd                                                          USA                       Director       Isabella Olaguera                               High School Student Films
Model Figure                                               USA                       Director       Isabella Olaguera, Olivia Malesco     High School Student Films
MONSTER                                                  USA                       Director       Alex Rask                                          Short Films (50 mins or less)
Movement and Location                              USA                       Director       Alexis Boling                                      Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Myrna the Monster                                      USA                        Director       Ian Samuels                                      Short Films (50 mins or less)
Nobody                                                        USA                       Director        William Bryan                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Numbers                                                     USA                        Director        Ian Roozrokh                                    High School Student Films
Off the Floor                                                USA                       Director        Matthew Celia, Katherine Celia         Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Oh Lucy!                                                     Japan                     Director        Atsuko Hirayanagi                             Short Films (50 mins or less)
Old Dogs Never Die                                   USA                        Director       Jim Dougherty                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
One Nation                                                 USA                       Director        Anthony Hobbs                                   High School Student Films
OstrichLand                                                USA                       Director        David McCracken                               Short Films (50 mins or less)
Point Reyes, CA                                         USA                       Director        Sean Rossiter                                     High School Student Films
Primrose Lane                                            USA                       Director        Kathleen Davison                                Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
QUIVER                                                     USA                        Director        Lewis  Chaney, Neil  Kellen                Short Films (50 mins or less)
Rabbit and Deer                                         Hungary                  Director        Peter Vacz                                         Short Films (50 mins or less)
Rat Pack Rat                                              USA                        Director        Todd Rohal                                         Short Films (50 mins or less)
Red Luck                                                    USA                        Director         Mike Olenick                                      Short Films (50 mins or less)
Rolling Dream                                            Canada                   Director         Maahi Kaur                                        Short Films (50 mins or less)
Run Out                                                     Canada                   Director          Andre Gaumond                               Short Films (50 mins or less)
SANTHARIA                                              USA                        Director          James Wallace Jr                              Short Films (50 mins or less)
Self Offense                                               USA                        Director          Wendy Keeling                                  Short Films (50 mins or less)
Shoeless Blues/The Journey of Boscoe France USA               Director          Ben Woehler, Alex Morgan                Short Films (50 mins or less)
Shoulder The Lion (aka Spirit / Will / Loss) USA                       Director          Patryk Rebisz, Erinnisse Heuer-Rebisz  Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
So You've Grown Attached                         USA                       Director          Kate Tsang                                        Short Films (50 mins or less)
Solitude                                                       USA                       Director          Sean Rossiter, Will Patch                  High School Student Films
SOS: Save Our Skins                                 Canada                  Director          Kent Sobey                                        Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Stomping Ground                                        USA                       Director          Dan Riesser                                       Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Strangely In Love                                        USA                       Director           Amin Matalqa                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Sugar Plum Fairy                                         Italy                       Director           Marco Renda                                     Short Films (50 mins or less)
T.P.                                                              USA                      Director           Bob Blevins, Bradly Werley               Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Activists                                               Greece                   Director           Kostas Karydas                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Bravest, the Boldest                             USA                      Director            Moon Molson                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Devil's Gold                                          USA                      Director            Erik Hurt                                            Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
The Idea of Purpose                                    USA                      Director            Mark Christopher  Boyd                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Karman Line                                         United Kingdom    Director            Oscar Sharp                                     Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Last Day                                               USA                       Director            Joe Atkinson                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest            USA                       Director            Gabriel London                                Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
The Lion's Mouth Opens                             USA                       Director             Lucy Walker                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Missing Scarf                                       USA                        Director                                                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Painter and the Wife                            USA                        Director            Andy Fortenbacher                          Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Pride of Strathmoor                              USA                       Director             Einar Baldvin                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Sound and The Shadow                       USA                       Director            Jusin P. Miller                                  Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
The Story of Milo & Annie                            USA                       Director            Harris Doran                                    Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Sublime and Beautiful                           USA                       Director            Blake Robbins                                 Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
The Theater                                                  USA                       Director            Salome Tkebuchava                       High School Student Films

The Thin Brothers                                         USA                       Director            Matthew Gordon Levandoski          Short Films (50 mins or less)
The Unearthing                                             USA                       Director            Tristan James Jensen                     High School Student Films
The Winding Stream                                     USA                       Director            Beth Harrington                               Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
They Look Like People                                 USA                       Director            Perry Blackshear                             Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
This is Sex.                                                   USA                       Director            Michael Forstein                              Short Films (50 mins or less)
Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh             USA                       Director            Jakob Bilinski                                   Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Three Windows and a hanging                     France                   Director             Isa Qosja                                         Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
'Til Death                                                       USA                       Director            Jason Tostevin                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
Tired Moonlight                                             USA                       Director             Britni West                                       Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Tobacco Burn                                               USA                       Director             Justin Liberman                               Short Films (50 mins or less)
Tomato Republic                                          USA                       Director   
Anthony & Jenna Jackson, Whitney Graham Carter      Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Trace Around Your Heart                             USA                       Director             Ian Nolte                                          Short Films (50 mins or less)
Uncertain Terms                                          USA                        Director             Nathan Silver                                   Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
Vocabulary of the Mysteries                         USA                       Director             Jacob Kindlon                                  Short Films (50 mins or less)
Waking Brandon                                          USA                        Director             Austin Quarles, Ryan Gentle           College Student Films
Where The Road Runs Out                         United Kingdom      Director             Rudolf Buitendach                           Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
White Tree                                                   Brazil                      Director              Peter Kogl                                       High School Student Films
Wishful thinking                                           USA                        Director              Raphael Hamzah                            College Student Films
Women of '69, Unboxed                              USA                        Director              Peter Barton                                    Feature Films (51 mins or longer)
World of Tomorrow                                      USA                        Director              Don Hertzfeldt                                 Short Films (50 mins or less)
XE TAI CUA BO                                          Singapore               Director               Mauricio Osaki                                Short Films (50 mins or less)
Your Fate Here                                           Canada                   Director               Derek Rucas                                   Short Films (50 mins or less)
Your Little Boy                                             USA                        Director               Kendal Rogers                                High School Student Films