Award Winners were announce at the Awards Banquet on April 10, 2016    (winners noted by a *)

2016 Award Nominees

Best Actor
David Wayman – For The Evening
Robert Costanzo – A Way Out*
Derek Wilson – Woodshed
Jerry Retford - Fun & Games
Travor Thompson – Pick Up
Troy Coward – Red Dirt

Best Actress
Dylan Gelula – First Girl I Loved
Georgia Simmons – Wig'd Out*
Micaela Togher – Fun & Games
Hatice Sendil – Kiss of Life
Wendy Keeling – The Unconventional Gourmet
Jasmine O'Donnell – Succulent and Savory

Best Director
Jordon Prince-Wright – Red Dirt
Jason Tostevin – A Way Out
Mike Chilson – The Ruxpins*
Kerem Sanga – First Girl I Loved
Joshua Rogers – Pick Up

Best Screenplay
Travis Newton – Woodshed
Kyle Johnson – The Ruxpins*
Ian Nolte – Cleaning Up After People
Cindy Maples - Random
PJ Woodside - Frances Stein 

Best Cinematography
The Hunt - Peter Rochon Nicholas*
Forgiveness – Fouad Aoun
Red Dirt - Daniel Quinn
Tailypo – Josh Ickes
How It Ends - Ole Brereton, Matthew Gordon Levandoski, Caz Tanner

Best Documentary
Art Of The Prank*
Bridges: Transitioning To Civilian Life
Domar: To Tame
In The Path Of Resistance
Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment & Beyond
The Toy Lady

Best Animated Film
My Dad
The Classroom
The Summer Dragons

Best Foreign Film
Red Dirt
Fun & Games
A Tale with Jesus and Christ*
For The Evening

Best Student Film
Nestor Talbot*
God Among Men
The Summer Dragons