Saturday Maple B 10:00:00 AM Art Of The Prank

Saturday Maple B 11:45:00 AM Georgian Dance

Saturday Maple B 12:30:00 PM Masha'allah

Saturday Maple B 01:00:00 PM Bethlehem

Saturday Maple B 02:30:00 PM Cleaning Up After People

Saturday Maple B 03:00:00 PM A Tale With Christ And Jesus

Saturday Maple B 03:45:00 PM Pick Up

Saturday Maple B 04:30:00 PM La Chienne Francaise 

Saturday Maple B 04:45:00 PM The Ruxpins 

Saturday Maple B 05:30:00 PM How It Ends

Saturday Maple B 07:00:00 PM First Girl I Loved

Saturday Maple C 10:00:00 AM The Quest Of Aaron Adams 

Saturday Maple C 12:00:00 PM Kiss Of Life 

Saturday Maple C 03:00:00 PM Nestor Talbot

Saturday Maple C 03:30:00 PM For The Evening 

Saturday Maple C 04:30:00 PM Dear Low Life 

Saturday Maple C 06:30:00 PM Nigel And Oscar Versus The Sasquatch 

Saturday Walnut C 10:00:00 AM The Hunt

Saturday Walnut C 11:45:00 AM Natan

Saturday Walnut C 12:35:00 PM The Courier 

Saturday Walnut C 12:45:00 PM The Sniper 

Saturday Walnut C 01:00:00 PM Fun & Games 

Saturday Walnut C 01:15:00 PM Trespassers

Saturday Walnut C 01:30:00 PM Random

Saturday Walnut C 02:00:00 PM Daisy

Saturday Walnut C 02:15:00 PM Remedy Of A Killer 

Saturday Walnut C 02:45:00 PM Continuance 

Saturday Walnut C 03:30:00 PM God Among Men 

Saturday Walnut C 04:00:00 PM Tailypo

Saturday Walnut C 04:30:00 PM The Unconventional Gourmet

Saturday Walnut C 05:00:00 PM Frances Stein 

Saturday Walnut C 06:45:00 PM Where Is She Now 

Saturday Walnut D 10:00:00 AM The Indian Caste System 

Saturday Walnut D 10:15:00 AM Surprise Me 

Saturday Walnut D 10:30:00 AM Lapse 

Saturday Walnut D 10:45:00 AM Sparks

Saturday Walnut D 10:55:00 AM In The Balance 

Saturday Walnut D 11:15:00 AM Detention! 

Saturday Walnut D 11:18:00 AM Luiseno 

Saturday Walnut D 11:38:00 AM The Keys To Our Mind 

Saturday Walnut D 12:30:00 PM Loewie 

Saturday Walnut D 12:49:00 PM One Day On Carver St.

Saturday Walnut D 12:53:00 PM The Summer Dragons  

Saturday Walnut D 01:00:00 PM My Dad 

Saturday Walnut D 01:10:00 PM Daewit 

Saturday Walnut D 01:30:00 PM Bounty Mama Ep 1 

Saturday Walnut D 01:45:00 PM Bounty Mama Ep 2

Saturday Walnut D 02:15:00 PM Red Dirt 

Saturday Walnut D 03:15:00 PM Edmond

Saturday Walnut D 03:45:00 PM Forgiveness 

Saturday Walnut D 04:15:00 PM Jewish Blind Date 

Saturday Walnut D 04:31:00 PM A Way Out 

Saturday Walnut D 04:45:00 PM Goodnight, Olivia

Saturday Walnut D 05:10:00 PM Woodshed 

Saturday Walnut D 05:30:00 PM The Control Room

Saturday Walnut D 05:34:00 PM Katharos 

Saturday Walnut D 05:45:00 PM Lola & Elaine

Saturday Walnut D 05:55:00 PM Veni, Vidi, Vici 

Saturday Walnut D 05:58:00 PM The Classroom 

Saturday Walnut D 06:10:00 PM Fence Formula

Saturday Walnut D 06:20:00 PM Outside The Wire

Saturday Walnut D 06:30:00 PM Unbroken

Saturday Walnut D 06:35:00 PM The Trials And Errors Of Suzette Le'ago And The Downstairs Neighbor (or Half Magic)

Saturday Walnut E 10:00:00 AM World Cup 

Saturday Walnut E 11:15:00 AM In The Path Of Resistance

Saturday Walnut E 12:30:00 PM Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment & Beyond 

Saturday Walnut E 01:45:00 PM Bridges: Transitioning To Civilian Life 

Saturday Walnut E 02:45:00 PM Resting Places: A Ballet Film

Saturday Walnut E 03:15:00 PM The Toy Lady

Saturday Walnut E 03:21:00 PM Domar: To Tame

Saturday Walnut E 03:30:00 PM The Tent Village

Saturday Walnut E 04:30:00 PM Wig'd Out

Saturday Walnut E 07:00:00 PM Succulent And Savory 

Saturday Walnut F On Demand Room

Sunday Maple A & B Awards Ceremony

Film Schedule


Showplace East 07:10:00 PM Edmond


Showplace East 07:30:00 PM Wig'd Out 


Showplace East 09:15:00 PM First Girl I Loved 

Friday - Tropicana Events Center

Friday Maple B 02:00:00 PM The Hunt 

Friday Maple B 04:00:00 PM Red Dirt 

Friday Maple B 04:45:00 PM Forgiveness 

Friday Maple B 05:00:00 PM A Tale With Christ And Jesus 

Friday Maple B 05:30:00 PM Pick Up 

Friday Maple B 06:00:00 PM Random 

Friday Maple B 06:15:00 PM Goodnight, Olivia 

Friday Maple B 06:30:00 PM For The Evening *

Friday Maple B 07:15:00 PM Art Of The Prank

Friday Maple C 02:00:00 PM Bethlehem 

Friday Maple C 03:30:00 PM Remedy Of A Killer 

Friday Maple C 04:00:00 PM God Among Men 

Friday Maple C 04:45:00 PM Continuance 

Friday Maple C 05:30:00 PM Nestor Talbot 

Friday Maple C 06:00:00 PM The Quest Of Aaron Adams 

Friday Walnut C 02:00:00 PM The Keys To Our Mind 

Friday Walnut C 02:30:00 PM Loewie 

Friday Walnut C 03:00:00 PM One Day On Carver St. 

Friday Walnut C 03:05:00 PM Lola & Elaine 

Friday Walnut C 03:10:00 PM The Indian Caste System 

Friday Walnut C 03:20:00 PM Veni, Vidi, Vici 

Friday Walnut C 03:25:00 PM The Classroom 

Friday Walnut C 03:30:00 PM Fence Formula 

Friday Walnut C 04:00:00 PM Natan 

Friday Walnut C 04:30:00 PM The Summer Dragons  

Friday Walnut C 04:35:00 PM The Toy Lady 

Friday Walnut C 04:45:00 PM Detention! 

Friday Walnut C 04:50:00 PM The Control Room 

Friday Walnut C 05:00:00 PM Unbroken 

Friday Walnut C 05:10:00 PM Katharos 

Friday Walnut C 05:20:00 PM Surprise Me 

Friday Walnut C 05:30:00 PM Trespassers 

Friday Walnut C 05:45:00 PM Masha'allah 

Friday Walnut C 05:55:00 PM Domar: To Tame

Friday Walnut C 06:03:00 PM Luiseno

Friday Walnut D 02:00:00 PM Daewit 

Friday Walnut D 02:15:00 PM Lapse 

Friday Walnut D 02:30:00 PM Sparks 

Friday Walnut D 02:45:00 PM In The Balance 

Friday Walnut D 03:00:00 PM The Sniper 

Friday Walnut D 03:15:00 PM The Trials And Errors Of Suzette Le'ago And The Downstairs Neighbor (or Half Magic) 

Friday Walnut D 03:45:00 PM Jewish Blind Date 

Friday Walnut D 04:15:00 PM La Chienne Francaise 

Friday Walnut D 04:30:00 PM Daisy

Friday Walnut D 04:45:00 PM Outside The Wire

Friday Walnut D 05:00:00 PM Tailypo 

Friday Walnut D 05:30:00 PM Cleaning Up After People 

Friday Walnut D 06:00:00 PM Fun & Games

Friday Walnut D 06:15:00 PM Woodshed

Friday Walnut D 06:30:00 PM The Courier

Friday Walnut D 06:45:00 PM A Way Out

Friday Walnut E 02:00:00 PM Darker Than Midnight 

Friday Walnut E 03:45:00 PM Kiss Of Life

Friday Walnut E 05:30:00 PM Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment & Beyond 

Friday Walnut E 06:45:00 PM In The Path Of Resistance

Friday Walnut F 02:00:00 PM Georgian Dance

Friday Walnut F 02:30:00 PM Resting Places: A Ballet Film 

Friday Walnut F 02:45:00 PM Where Is She Now

Friday Walnut F 04:30:00 PM The Ruxpins

Friday Walnut F 05:15:00 PM Bounty Mamma Ep 1 

Friday Walnut F 05:30:00 PM Bounty Mamma Ep 2 

Friday Walnut F 06:00:00 PM The Unconventional Gourmet (

Friday Walnut F 06:45:00 PM Frances Stein