Film Festival Committee

Malcolm Cook - Festival Director

Patrick Higgs - Artistic Director

Roger McGary - Membership Director

Amy Van Buren Wilkerson - Volunteer Coordinator

Josh Weiland - Technical Director

Jill Kroeger Kinkade 

The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival began in April 2015.  With over 200 films submitted from around the world, the inaugural event was a huge success.

The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival is an all volunteer organization. We believe in the story the Alhambra has to tell and donate our time to help tell it.      

​​The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival is in its third year of presenting independent films from around the globe. Our festival runs over 4 days and presents a wide variety of films from Dramas and Comedies to Documentaries and Horror. Our festival is presented to help support the awareness and renovation of the Historic Alhambra Theatre in Evansville Indiana.

Mission Statement: The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival mission is to bring awareness and financial support for the restoration of the historic Alhambra Theatre by bringing the world of film together. We showcase films that might not otherwise have an opportunity to screen in the Evansville Indiana market. We encourage film makers and students by presenting workshops, screenings, and other opportunities to meet and network with others in the industry and to bring an audience to those films.

About The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival