2016 Event Volunteers

Amy Van Buren – Wilkerson
Jeffrey Mobley
Kim Weber
Valerie Ewers
Brittany Crane
Aaron Weeks
Travis Guffey
Sharon Woolridge Dennis
Natalie Klump
Teresa Lee
Greg Wilkerson
Taylor Jackson
Jill Kroger Kinkade
Cheeba Sobotka
Mark Dessauer
Vicki Dessauer
Edwina Kuchiki
Nancee Simms
Donna Phillips Winkler
Lori Taylor
Chad Taylor
Meredith Keller

Volunteers are key to the success of the Alhambra Theatre Film Festival.

Anyone at least 16 years old can volunteer, from students to retirees, from Festival newbies to VIP pass-holders. Our volunteers meet tons of people and, of course, see great films!

How to Volunteer
If you want to become a Volunteer, please contact  tatffvolunteer@gmail.com
We will keep you updated with volunteer options when we get closer to the event.

Benefits of Volunteering
Students can get community service credit.

​University film students get to meet film makers from all over the world.